Can testosterone cause high bp?

If it's too high . . Your own natural level of testosterone shouldn't affect your blood pressure. However, if you take supplemental testosterone to treat hypogonadism and your level is above what your body likes, then high blood pressure is a possible side effect, along w/change in mood for worse, hair loss, prostate enlargement, male breasts, excess blood count, decrease in HDL (good) cholesterol, etc.
Indirectly. In a normal individual, testosterone is unlikely to cause high blood pressure. However, if there is underlying medical issues, such as pre-existing cardiac or kidney disease, it can increase the possibility of edema with or without congestive heart failure, as well as, other issues. Testosterone should be used with caution in patients with other medical issues.
Possible, but not... It is certainly a possibility, but it is not a commonly reported side effect of testosterone in general..Common side efffects: acne, breast soreness/swelling, prolonged erection (priapism), bladder irritability, headaches, increase red blood cells, and risk of prostate cancer? Etc..I personally have never seen one and I do have quite a few patients using it. Consult your doc.. Good luck.
Yes. Initiation of therapy usually results in a temporary rise in blood pressure. After this, the over conversion of testosterone into estrogen by the aromatase enzyme can cause this. The male liver doesn't like elevated levels of estrogen, and a complex protection mechanism engages which results in high blood pressure. .
Yes. Through a few mechanisms but it's one of the warnings.For more: www.Peedoc.Com @thepeedoc.