Please explain what it means when there are red blood cells in your urine?

Bleeding site. In the older male the presence of blood cells usually signifies prostatic hyperplasia. Blood can also result from an early mucosal lesion of the bladder that has shed blood cells into the urine. Another cause is the presence of a renal lesion that is releasing blood into the urine. If the process does not resolve cystoscopy is the initial part of the work up .
Blood cells in urine. Red blood cells (rbcs) in urine are commonly seen with kidney stones. A few rbcs are commonly seen in women's urine due to contamination of a clean catch urine. Urine obtained from catherization may have rbcs due to tiny trauma from the catherization. If rbcs are found in urine one time with no symptoms of kidney stones, that person's urine should be retested to rule out more serious conditions.