What can it be I had a pap smear and came back abnormal stage 3 in change of cells also I had trich now I have colposcopy what can this be? Std cancer

Need colpo results. A pap smear is a test for cervical cancer. Trichomonas is an infection, which wouldn't cause stage 3 changes in the cervix. Colposcopy is when a doctor looks at the cervix with a microscope, using a medication to make any abnormal areas stand out. If the dr. Sees an abnormality, they may to a biopsy where they take a sample of tissue. Only after the colposcopy and biopsy will you have a diagnosis.
Speak with your doc. Hello lulu9. It does not sound like you have an invasive cervical cancer, but if coloposcopy has been recommended, this will further evaluate for the possibility of cancer. You need to discuss these results with your gynecologist. Std can be evaluated with appropriate cultures.
Depends. Cervical cancer in 70 % of cases is positive for high risk hpv strains. I dont think you have cancer. Just have the colposcopy done and after it you ll know exactly what you need to do.