I have type 2 autoimmune polyglandular syndrome schmidt's syndrome and I need to find a doctor who knows how to treat this. Not just any other endo?

"any" Endo should do. A board certified endocrinologist should be able to treat someone with schmidts just as well as they could treat someone with its individual components.
Depends on location. I would recommend that you seek care at a teaching facility in a larger, metropolitan area. Something this rare/unique will likely require a facility that has the faculty resources to address your unique condition. Best of luck.
University endo. Schmidt's syndrome is a very complicated disorder. It isn't unreasonable for an endocrinologist from the community to take care of you provided local hospitals have the ability to take care of you if you get sick. However, you may want to contact the closest university medical center to you. Their division of endocrinology may be able to help you.