Had kidney stone1995, gross hematuria n 2011 for 1 day and last friday, had hematuria again, 1 day, no etc symptoms, no fever, urine test 302 rbc, 11 wbc?

Hematuria kidnestone. You have hematuria, with past history of stone it may be stone which was small and passed it.But you need a repeat urine test and cat scan of kidneys to see if there is a stone or some other pathology causing hematuria.Hematuria which is painless can have other causes then stone like a tumor or cancer.Consult your urologist.
Here are some ... For your reported scenario despite prior kidney stone, you should go for a run of comprehensive evaluation with CT.IVP and cystourethroscopy to make sure of no tumor somewhere in urinary tract with bladder tumor leading the pack of frequency. So, don't wait and go for it. Best wish ...
More studies needed. It does not appear that the cause hematuria has been determined. If no beets in your diet then see a nephrologist or urologist for further evaluation. Utrasound of your kidneys and or bladder maybe requested or an intravenous pyelogram to look for persisitent stones. Miicrosopic analysis of your urine should be checked for casts /signs of nephritis and check for myo or hemo globinuria.