How do I know if I have dupuytren contracture?

Dupuytren is a. genetic familial disease, that is a progressive thickening of the fascia, a tough fibrous layer of tissue in the palm, Dupuytrens starts as nodules and can progress to cords causing joint contracture in the hand. and and
Cord. There is usually a palpable and visible cord in the palm extending into the finger. The cord causes the finger to contract.
Observe. Dippy tens is characterized by a significant thickening in the tendons of the palm usually at the ring or middle finger with loss of finger flexibility . The affected finger is usually held in a flexed position as there is loss of ability to extend the finger. If present see a hand surgeon for evaluation and treatment options.
Cords and lumps. if you see lumps in your palm only u could have the beginning of dupuytren's . If you see cords causing flexion of your fingers you have dupuytren s full fledge.