Do you know are lidocaine and benzocaine safe anaesthetics to use?

Yes and no. All anesthetics pose risk for toxicity, allergy and side effects. The adverse effects of Benzocaine include methemoglobinemia and allergy, and though rare, these occur more commonly than with lidocaine.

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Please advise what is the difference between anesthetic benzocaine, lidocaine, prilocaine, and xylocaine creams?

Normally the. difference in different local anesthetics is duration of action and possibly cardiac toxicity. But an important difference between prilocaine and Benzocaine and lidocaine/Xylocaine is the first two are esters and have a much greater chance of an allergic reaction than the amide. Read more...

What's the difference between the different anesthetic creams like benzocaine, lidocaine, prilocaine, and xylocaine?

Similar. All of these are topical anesthetics, meaning that they can be applied directly to skin or mucous membranes to treat minor pain such as teething or scrapes, or itching from poison ivy or insect bites. Xylocaine is the same thing as lidocaine. All can be toxic if used in excessive doses. Special care must be taken if any of these are used for small children. Some types are by prescription only. Read more...