I recently had an abortion, now im having anal bleeding. Bright red clots & I don't know why. Anyone know?

Very worrisome! In my opinion it sounds as if your bowel was perforated by instrumentation used in the abortion. This must be diagnosed immediately and if i were you i would go to an emergency room now. It may become very serious very quick and it needs attention now! I do not want to scare you but please get seen immediately!
Visit your doctor. The anal bleeding can be due to a hemorroid and/or could be due r blood clotting problems or other conditions. You should have a follow up with your doctor to make sure that all the fetal material is out of your uterus, that there is no infection, and to have a scope placed in your rectal area to identify the source of bleeding.
Anal bleeding aborti. You need to see your gynecologist asap or go to the emergency dept to find out what caused the rectal bleeding, it is definitely unpredictable and is an emergecy.