How to stop toddler's tooth decay without any dental works?

Tooth decay. Once these is tooth decay it needs to be treated. The main thing is prevention of decay with good diet, no sippy cups, and brushing the teeth twice a day. Xylitol has been shown to decrease decay in kids.
See a pedodontist. Pediatric dentists are specially trained to handle problems particular to children. Not only they have extra years of training but their offices have an atmosphere conducive to children. Tooth decay in baby teeth needs to be addressed, as decayed teeth and treated by a dentist.
Prevention. The only way to strop dental decay is prevention- routine visits to dentist, proper nutrition, and super home care. Some people are prone to decay, regardless of all of these, but everything you can do to help is recommended.
You can't. Have the child's teeth restored. The sooner you do the better off the child will be.

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Is it possible to reverse or stop your toddler's tooth decay without any dental works?

Avoid bottle at nig. Yes you can eliminate bottle feeding and breast feeding ; fruit juice in bottle at night after age of 1 year cut down on amount of sugary beverages and snacks toddler consumes brush your childs teeth with a small smear of tooth paste after breakfast and bed time if more than2 years old prevention is all needed. Read more...
See a dentist. It is not. Tooth decay will require treatment by a dentist. Read more...