What are the signs and symptoms of yeast infection in my mouth.? I have white stuff on my tongue back of throat hurts when I swolow and feels dry.

A Few. White patches that rub off leaving a red base could be a sign of an oral yeast infection. If you treat your mouth with anti-fungals and the symptoms don't resolve, see your dentist or physician.

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I am taking dulera, (formoterol and mometasone) if I get a yeast infection in my mouth or throat, can it be cured?

Very much so. Unfortunately inhaled steroids can lead to local immune dysfunction, particularly predisposing persons to thrush (oral yeast infections), that's why you have to be good about rinsing out your mouth of use of Dulera (formoterol and mometasone). But associated yeast infections can be treated with various troches (clotrimazole), liquids (nystatin) and oral antifungals (fluconazole) if necessary.
Prevention. You may need a topical antifungal to rid you of the yeast infection. Be sure to gargle after each Dulera (formoterol and mometasone) treatment. Sometimes using an Aerochamber may reduce the amount of inhaled steroid to the throat area. Whenever possible, try to use the minimum dose of steroid under your doctor's supervision.