Are parasites useful in treating autoimmune disease? I saw recent work which indicated there might be some possibilities with Crohn's disease.

Probably Not. The work comes after a breakthrough in 2009 when prof. Eric denkers, immunology, and a research associate, charlotte egan, discovered that mice infected with the parasite taxoplasma gondii presented symptoms similar to those found in human patients with crohn’s disease. Denkers’ lab began using toxoplasma-infected mice as an animal model for crohn's.

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Are Crohn's disease, tuberculosis and sarcoidosis all different types of auto-immune diseases?

No. Crohn's disease is an inflammatory disease but is not strictly speaking autoimmune. Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis. Sarcoidosis is a granulomatous disease that we don't quite know the cause of.
They are all immune! They are all autoimmune diseases. And all the drugs used to treat each of these conditions affects the immune system! While TB is infectious, it can cause immune sequalae, and the formation of granulomata is an immune response!

A friend just told me that Crohn's can cause swelling from gastrocnemius to ankle. Is this true? Should I ask my doc for an autoimmune suppressant?

Yes. Yes. And the swelling, if it occurs (and is not an infection, strained muscle or other cause) can be caused by a clot that forms in the blood vessels in that part of the leg. This can be serious and mandates immediate attention. As far as immunosuppressants go, I don't think they would play a role in preventing any clots from forming. Your chances for a clot are over two times that of others.
Not correct. Your friend is not correct. Have the leg evaluated and make certain you are not dealing with phlebitis.

I have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease twenty years ago. I recently seen a dietitian about 6 months ago and have been on gfd. My GI md ordered blood work. Ttgiga is less than 1.2, ttgigg is1.3, gliadiniga I and glaidinigg is less than 10 and IgA is 14

No celiac here. You were screened for celiac disease and found to be negative for that GI disorder. But ttg-a & ttg-g antibodies may fall into the normal range in patients with celiac disease who are completely avoiding gluten. So if you are not eating wheat and other gluten-containing foods you either (a) don't have celiac disease or (b) do have celiac disease that is under excellent control. Good work!

Hi, I have crohn's disease and recently I've been passing a lot of black coloured diarrhoea. I haven't changed my medication, should I worry?

Maybe. If the symptoms last more than a week or so, you may want to visit your GP or your GI doc if you have one. Black stools can be indicative of bleeding somewhere in your intestinal tract, which can cause issues if it goes unresolved.

I have Crohn's disease. I am pregnant. My gyno has adviced me to loose weight. Any useful way to reduce my weight other than yoga?

Losing weight. To lose weight, get ur resting metabolism rate done (weight loss centers do this). This determines the total number of calories you need to lose 1-2lbs/week. Decreasing 500cal/day will give you a 1lb wt loss in 1wk; drink water (1/2 your body weight), eat small meals about 150-200cal 2-4x/ (depending on your metabolism rate) and 500cal/meal at night: lean protein/veggies; avoid carbs, .