Why I can't breath from my nose? Specailly at night

CANT BREATH THRUNOSE. You can not breathe thru the nose either due to congestion inboth nostril, which may be due to s inhalant allergy.Or have polyps blocking your nasal passage and find it hard to breathe through the nose.You need to see your md who can examine you and find out your problem and you can be treated with antihistamines and decongestants and nasal steroids. Hope you are not taking meds whichcause congesti.
Many reasons. Many conditions like allergies, polyps , infection, deviated septum or any abnormality blocking nasal cavity can cause difficulty in breathing.See your physician.
See below. Hi welcome. Do you have fever or sinus tenderness is this chronic or acute. If acute it could be a sinus infection and antibiotics might help. If chronic you have allergies or nansal polyp or a blocked sinus. Youu should see ENT for x rays and further workup can try singular or flovent.