I have all the signs and symptoms of melanoma. I am in the process of getting health insurance. Should I wait until approved or go to the er?

See your doc. If you are worried about a possible skin lesion being melanoma, you should see your friendly dermatologist as soon as possible.
Tough situation. It depends when your insurance will start. If it is a few days, it is likely ok to wait. Melanoma is not usually a medical emergency, but if there is spread to the brain, spinal cord, or intestines, this can be serious. If you are having headaches, numbness or tingling of a limb, or blood in your stool, you absolutely need to be seen in the er.
SIGNS SYMPTOMS MELAN. You have to explain what symptoms and signs you have.And er is not the place to go if you do have melanoma.If you suspect you have melanoma then you should se a dermatologist to confirm your fear.Melanoma.