If you have heart problems is diet soda bad for you?

Caffeine can be. Stay away from sodas with caffeine.
Diet soda. Well, there are actually better things that you can drink. It would be better to drink water or even juice, but if you want to drink diet soda it should be caffeine free soda and balance it with healthier drinks.

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Can diet sodas cause heart problems?

See above. Diet sodas have multiple issues, but as far as the heart is concerned the issue is their caffeine, please refer to my earlier answer regarding caffeine and the heart.

Does a unhealthy diet in childhood cause further heart problems later on? I am 17 now and am in good health.

Possible. It is possible; it is more common if there is strong family history of heart disease/diabetes/high cholesterol.
Certainly Possible. Dietary habits tend to persist. Changes that lead to atherosclerotic heart disease begin to occur in adolescence, so your diet now can affect your risks later on. These risks are modifiable though, so changing your habits can potentially reverse those changes.

I'm experiencing extreme exhaustion for the last 5 weeks. I am 20 years old. I have had no change in diet or exercise, I'm not under any large stress. I have no personal history of medical problems in any form, though heart problems are common in my fam

These. These symptoms could be a result of anemia, thryoid issues, diabetes, etc. You need to see a dcotor for a complete physical and diagnostic testing. I wish I could give you more advice but honestly you need to be evaluated right away. Best of luck.

I'm thinking about trying some diet pills. I'm 22 my BMI is 42 but I have a family history of heart problems so I'm a little apprehensive. Suggestions?

Talk to your doctor. The only approved OTC medication is Alli, which has no side effect although it make your stool greasy and therefore teach you to adjust your diet. Also you might be eligible for Bariatric surgery as your BMI is more than 40. Talk to your provider.
Don't do it! At least not unless you're going to take them under doctor's supervision. Even then, "diet pills" aren't all that effective, not without changing your lifestyle, eg eating & exercise habits. Yes, Alli (orlistat) is over-the-counter Xenical but you'll still need to change your eating habits, if only to avoid oily stooly mess. So go see family doc for complete evaluation & referral to nutritionist.
Not recommended. Diet and exercise is better with life style modifications. See a dietician for advise.

Can a lot of salt in a diet cause clogged arteries or possible heart problems in the future. I put some salt on my meals. Will it eventually kill me?

Causes hypertension. High salt intake can in the long run possibly lead to hypertension. Long standing hypertension or high blood pressure will eventually lead to diseases such as heart disease or strokes. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle by reducing salt intake, fatty foods intake and exercise regularly. Ath.
Salt. Salt intake is linked to blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to heart disease and stroke. However, in someone your age without kidney or liver disease and normal blood pressure, I would not worry about adding salt to your meals. Enjoy your meals!