I had chlmydia for 3years b4 I took care of it. Now I been tryin to have a baby for 2years now still no baby. Will I ever have 1 nd can I fix it?

See a GYN now. Chlamydia can cause fallopian tube blockage(occlusion). The patency can be checked by an x-ray dye study of the fallopian tubes(hsg) or laparoscopic fallopian tube insufflation which sends dye through the tubes to check whether they are open as well..
Infertility. Untreated chylamidia infections can lead to several problems including tubal scarring and infertility. Newer techniques and treatments mean you can still have a baby. Tubal repair, in vitro fertiliization, and other techniques make it possible for you to conceive. Your next step should be a consultation with an infertility specialist to begin a workup and try to find the cause of any probklems.