Could neuroblastoma cause pain?

Different forms of . Pain are possible. Mayo clinic is an excellent resource: http://www.Mayoclinic.Org/diseases-conditions/neuroblastoma/basics/symptoms/con-20027487.
Quite often. Vague poorly localized pain is very common. Most likely it is due to bone metastasis. Small children and infants do not complain of pain of course, but many are very irritable. Small repeated doses of analgesics such as Ibuprofen or morphine removes irritability, and thus the irritability most likely is due to pain. Older children complain of back pain, hip pain, leg pain, etc.
Occasionally. Neuroblastoma is a common tumor that affects children, including infants. Commonly the presentation is vague symptoms, including weight loss and anorexia, fever, abdominal swelling, difficulty breathing, or joint pain. Early diagnosis is difficult. Presentation varies somewhat according to location. If treatment fails, and the tumor becomes metastatic, pain is a prominent feature.