Why do I get nausea and vomiting with migraines only in one eye and not the other?

Migraines vary. Not uncommonly, can switch from side to side, and intensity can vary. Rather than puzzling about this asymmetry, better you approach prevention of the events. We have OTC remedies such as butterbur, feverfew, magnesium, riboflavin, Co-Q12, and prescription meds that do work, besides BOTOX. Most neurologists could help.

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Again extream head pain, nausea, vomiting, dizzy sensitivity light&sound. Again er, test, treatment. Ct-clear pain med+zofran.=diag:migraine. Sent home!

Migraine. Yes. Migraine could cause above symptoms. I advise you to consult a neurologist to get proper diagnosis and treatment.
Call your OB now! Unfortunately I don't know anything about you, but any pregnant woman reaching her mid-trimester with a severe headache needs to get a blood presssure checked and evaluates for pre-eclampsia which can be life threatening to you and your baby. People of advanced age are at higher risk. If you don't have pre-eclampsia, you may want a neuro evaluation for treatment with a triptan. Try caffeine.
Daily meds. It depends on how often this occurs, but it sounds like you may need to be on a daily medicine to prevent these headaches. You should also try to eliminate the common headache triggers if you haven't already tried that. And maintain a headache diary to try to identify any potential triggers. Good luck.

My wife started getting a headache this afternoon. Now it's worse and she is having chills, no fever, nausea, and vomiting. Is this a migraine?

Not enough informati. We do not have enough information to say if it is migraine or just a headache headaches are quite common symptoms and can be caused by many different conditions. You can try over the counter pain meds and if no better and keeps recurring check with your doctor.