Should I be giving my baby fruit and vegetable juices if I am also formula-feeding him?

No. The answer is no.If breast-feeding is not possible, infant formulas contain all of the required nutrients needed by healthy infants. Juices have no nutritional value and should not be used.They provide unneccessary calories and will probably interfere with normal feeding.Occasionally pediatricians will use juice as a natural laxative for a constipated baby, but otherwise juice should not be used.
No. Healthy babies do not need fruit juice nor vegetable juice. They grow on breastmilk or formula; plus some solid foods after age 6 months. Fruits that are not sour can be mashed up or pureed and given. Vegetables can be cooked first and then mashed up or pureed. Sometimes, juice is given to treat constipation (such as 4 ounces of apple or prune juice each day for a few days).
Yes. The american academy of pediatrics discourages the use of any juices. Juices are the sugar of the fruit or vegetable, without most of the essential nutrients the actual fruits and vegetables can provide. Once a child is 6 months old and begins to eat, she should be given the actual vegetables and fruits, not their juices.