Why do I feel sad all the time?

Treatment? Is there something going on with your life or is this how you felt all your life and it bothers you now? I suggest you talk to a counselor, psychologist and take things from there.
Get some help. There are a number of possible explanations for your unhappiness. It would be good to discuss this right away with your doctor/therapist. You might have a depressive disorder that could be treated with psychotherapy (such as cognitive-behavioral therapy) and/or medications. Feeling sad all the time is a problem that can be successfully addressed with professional help.

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Why do I feel sad all the time behind my smiles and laughs??

? Depression. Please note that your sadness is not your fault nor is it a moral failing. There are variations in our personalities and some people are sad by nature. However, it does not have to interfere with your life. It would be prudent to have a candid discussion with your doctor to assess if you could benefit from anti-depressant medication. I wish you good health, happiness and prosperity! Read more...

Why do I feel so sad all the time??

Sadness. Sadness is a frequent symptom in depression, but I don't assume a diagnosis. Recommend you see a good Psychologist for full history taking. Sadness is part of grief, but can become a problem if it impairs your ability to enjoy life. Don't give up-there are effective therapies and effective meds(not addictive). If you feel suicidal or self harm please call 1-800-784-2433 hotline if you feel urgency. Read more...