Will breast feeding lead to sagging more than bottle feeding?

For some women yes. Breast feeding does change the breast contour for most women in some fashion. The benefits far outweigh the vanity cost. Breasts were meant for this purpose and if a mom has the opportunity to breast feed I hope she would take it. Breast feeding also has health benefits for mom for decades...Reduced ovarian cancer risk, breast cancer risk, osteoporosis, etc.
Not necessarily. In fact, breast feeding may assist in maintaining physiological health for the breast tissue, and in turn help strengthen ligament support for the breasts. Being a strong proponent for breast feeding I might be a bit biased in this answer!

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What are the health differences between bottle feeding and breast feeding?

Breast fed is best. For many many reasons! Www. Lalecheleague. Org/nb/nbbenefits. Html has a great explanation. On the other hand bottle feeding is ok and you shouldn't fee lguilty if you are unable to breast feed.

How is bottle feeding and breast feeding a baby over 1 week different?

1 week of age? If one week old, then breast feeding is usually every 2-3 hours for less than 15 minutes per feeding. If formula fed, then they usually take 1-2 ounces every 3-4 hours.

Is there a difference between bottle feeding breast milk and breastfeeding?

Follow link below. Http://kidshealth. Org/parent/growth/feeding/breast_bottle_feeding. Html.
Yes. The kid is a better milk extractor than your attempts at pumping and natural feeding stimulates milk production better. The kid also gains a certain level of closeness /hearing your heartbeat/ smelling your natural scent that is hard to duplicate with a bottle. However, you must do whatever it takes so you both make it through the process.

Is there a difference between breastfeeding and bottle feeding breast milk?

Yes. While the baby will get the same nutritional value from breast milk in both ways, feeding from the breast itself has greater psychological advantages for both the mother and the baby with increased bonding etc.