What would cause pelvic pain during sex?

Many causes. Pain during sex or dyspareunia has many causes. There are medical and psyschologic causes. The medical causes can include endometriosis, infections, ovarian cysts, or dryness. There are many other medical causes and it would be difficult to discuss all here. This is something that should be properly evaluated by a gyneacologist.
Too tough rto answer. Way too complex a question fo this forum. See your doctor and get a thorough evaluation.

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What could be the cause of pelvic pain during sex?

Many reasons. The most common etiologies are endometriosis, vaginal atrophy, ovarian cysts, lack of lubrication and adequate forplay.
Many causes. Pain during and shortly intercourse may be caused by poor coital technique or position. However, endometriosis and pelvic infection must be considered, see your gynecologist. Don't delay.

Deep pelvic pain during sex. 7.5 mos after c-section. Is this normal? What can be done? Swab test and physical exam were ok. What could be the cause?

Scars. Scar tissue from the C-section may prevent your uterus from being as mobile in your pelvis as it was before the C-section and not to move out of the way during intercourse as it used to do before C-section.

Pelvic pain during sex (Same partner for 2.5 yrs), chronic constipation, lower right ab pain with sudden movements/bm's. Severe Gas and bloating, too.

Go see ur Family Doc. You appear to have several more complicated issues than can be addressed in 400 characters. Chronic constipation is often aggravated by inadequate fiber, fluids & exercise. It can also lead to gas & bloating as well as abdominal pain. Dyspareunia or painful sex needs to be addressed by Family Doc or Gyn. Perhaps complication of surgery, sexually transmitted infection, endometriosis or adhesions.

I had intense pelvic pain during sex. I had an ultrasound. My left ovarian cyst had ruptured and the blood was causing the pain. Is there a treatment?

Rest. If this Ultrasound was recent and they made sure you are not pregnant, rest from sexual activity, Naprosyn (naproxen) for pain should allow the cyst to calm down. Should more severe pain occur a recheck at the emergency room would be indicated.

Pelvic pain sometimes, not really painful just irritating. Nothing else irregular, no pain during sex just annoying. Wondering what this could be?

Go to Doctor. There are many sexually transmitted diseases that present them selves with no real symptoms but a vague irritation. It is important to get tested so that you do not develop complications like infertility.
Pelvic pain. Abdominal pain in women can be caused from the organs in that area consisting of your uterus, ovaries, bladder, appendix and bowel. The pain is sometimes difficult to differentiate between these organs. If it isn't severe, worsening, or accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, vomiting, etc., it may be caused by something as simple as ovulating, or stool moving through your colon.

I am experiencing pain during sex, pelvic pain and vaginal odor.

Needs exam. Pain during sex and a vaginal odor indicate an infection and/ or STD that needs to be treated by a GYN MD. See one soon.

I am experiencing back pain (severity: severe) (side: lower), pelvic pain and difficulty walking. The following also describe me: Pain during sex...

Be checked soon... Your described clinical pictures suggest some physically-related loco-regional disorders of muscles, joint, or nerves. How to sort these things our correctly? Follow instructions in articles listed in http://www. Formefirst. Com/onDealSickness. Html. Thereby you surely gain much insight on how to wrok well with the doctors so to reach right diagnosis/care/counseling. There would be no easy out, but.