What would cause numbness in my fingers and hand?

Many causes, Since not feet, neuropathy unlikely. Carpal tunnel and ulnar neuropathy are the most common, and carpal tunnel invloves all digits except for the last. Steroid injections can help. Surgery could be in the cards. And repetitive motion activities are causes.
Many possibilities. Numbness can occur from various reasons. Some potential causes include vitamin deficiency, nerve damage, nerve compression, alcohol over consumption, side effects of different medications, or as a result of different systemic medical conditions such as diabetes. Get evaluated by a professional to determine the diagnosis. Treatment is based on the diagnosis.

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What can cause pain along the length of my arm and thumb/finger numbness?

Cervical spine disea. Problem in the neck (cervical spine disc ?C5/c6) could do it ulnar nerve entrapment can be the cause an EMG (electromyogram) will settle the diagnosis. Read more...