I get migraines affecting only left side of face. Pain goes through left side os head, ear, nose, jaw, and left eye 3-4 a day lasting 2-3 hours what do id?

Diagnosis first. Diagnosis before treatment. See ENT doc for exam/xrays. You may have sinusitis, TMJ, or other problems. If sinusitis, ENT doc will treat, if TMJ, he/she may refer to orofacial pain-TMJ doc.
Migraine? Although recurrent headaches are the mainstay of migraine, a migraine is not just simply a headache. Rather, it should be viewed as an attack that is accompanied by various neurological and non-neurological features as well as headache. Any headache must be viewed as a valid medical disorder and the headache assessment must be comprehensive. Rec. See a headache or orofacial pain specialist.