What does a pathologist do?

Consultant to MDs. One definition and function of a pathologist is to be a doctor to other doctors, or serve as a consultant to other doctors. Pathologists perform diagnostic tests and interpretations of tissues, blood, urine etc. They ensure safe and adequate supply of blood and blood products for transfusion. They conduct research to advance medical knowledge and teach medical students and other doctors.

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What does a speech pathologist do for the first visits of a moyamoya patient in terms of assesment, counselling and treatment?

Speech and language. Moyamoya is a process where there are problems with the blood vessels that primarily go to the frontal temporal regions. This can lead to strokes. Treatment is bypass surgery to bring in blood vessels from a different source. The pathologists get baseline studies to see the effect thus far of the moyamoya.If no surgery-st is directed at existing deficits. If surgery-st is directed at new deficits. Read more...