1 complex ovarian cyst and postmenopausal I am 60. Just had polyp remove from uterus may have com ov cyst removed but I have adhesions. Hysterectomy?

Adhesions from. Previous surgery or infection can cause technical difficulty during surgery. If you need to have removal of complex ovarian cyst in order to exclude malignancy, you should proceed with the procedure, even if the operation could be technically difficult. Consult with your gyn for opinion.

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Full hysterectomy done. Precancerous cells in uterus. Pathology was "inconclusive" on ovarian cyst requiring an "addendum"?? what could this be?

Cells change gradual. ly. There is a spectrum. Whoever the pathologist was who read the slides of your tissues saw a slight change in them, but not nearly enough to call them frankly cancerous. Anyhow, they are out of your body now, so good riddance. Read more...