Hi. If red blood cell count is 5.81? So this means itsmore than normal? What the person must do? And hgb is 15, 9?

I'm not concerned. The reference ranges for the common labs are set so that several percent of healthies fall outside at either end. Many labs use 5.4 for reds and 15.1 for HGB as tops for a woman, but if you feel well, have no evidence of chronic hypoxemia (low po2 as from sleep apnea, living at a high altitude, a hole in the heart or whatever), i'd ignore these levels unless your physician is very worried.

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My red blood cell count is 3.6 and WBC is 3.4. Hgb is 8.5, Hct is 27.5. MCV, MCH, MCHC all low also. Very weak, body aches. Should I be concerned?

Yes. These numbers indicate that you are quite anemic. You should see your doctor or a gastroenterologist to determine if you are having any blood loss in your digestive tract. If you are not, it may be related to your monthly blood loss, if it is excessive. Regardless, you need to act on this immediately, since your blood counts are quite low. Good luck. Read more...