Are lung infections with aspergillus normally treated with anti-fungal infections?

Actual infection:Yes. Actual infection with aspergillus is treated with surgery and anti fungals as a supplement. Presence of aspergillus is not proof of infection. Mere presence in the lungs often does not require anti fungals even if there are related symptoms.
Aspergillus. Aspergillus is a fungus that can infect the lung. It is treated with antifungal medications.

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Is it possible for IV antifungals to cure fungal endocarditis or fungal infection of the lungs?

Fungal infection. IV antifungals. Curing fungal endocarditis or pneumonia is difficult and depends on the sensitivity of the fungus to the agent being administered as well as the ability of the drug to get to the infectious agent. Having said that it is possible to get cures but requires long term treatment and possible doesn't mean, always successful. Read more...