All my fingers on my left hand have been swollen for 10 months I get a sharp pain on my shoulder that radiates down to my pinky and ring finger?

Neck vs shoulder. Symptoms of hand pain are often are a result of pressure on a nerve. This can be originating in the neck or perhaps at the elbow. The pinky and ring finger are innervated by the ulnar nerve at the elbow and by a specific nerve root (c8) in the neck. Swelling in the hand is an unusual symptom. Prior to an evaluation pay close attention to when the swelling occurs and if it truly is in all fingers.
Hard to say. If its been that long, you should see a doctor. It may be a nerve issue being pinched in the shoulder, or even a nerve issue at the elbow. With the swelling, you may have a vascular/circulation issue, especially if its not like that on the other side.
Ulnar Neuropathy. The symptoms are suggestive of ulnar neuropathy or medial cord involvement. Needs a full evaluation by a hand surgeon and a neurologist. Physical exam, emg/ncv and maybe mri. All properly performed, or they can be misleading.