Incomplete evacuation, straining, gas build up, sudden abdominal pains, frequent urge to urinate, bloating, headache, fatigue, loss of libido? Could it be ibs?

Maybe / maybe not. Ibs is a diagnosis of exclusion. The keys to your answer: do symptoms change, duration of distress, ; recent evaluation? Do you awakening from sleep due to pain, are your symptoms not intermittent but ever present or actually worsening, have bleeding/fever--if so then it is unlikely you just have ibs. In such a case, further evaluation is warranted to identify the correct diagnosis ; treatment.
Yes. Could also be food allergies. Stop dairy and gluten. Take enzymes with meals. Try homeopathic nux vomica. See a chinese medicine practitioner as that can help immensely. Peppermint oil capsules also help with ibs. And talk to your doctor too.