What actually is the interaction of tegretol and lamictal?

Reduction Lamictal. The major interaction of these two drugs is lower Lamictal levels in serum. Other effects of combining these drugs include drowsiness, imbalance, and mental blunting. In general, any way you can be slow down mentally or physically can occur.
Moderate interaction. tegretol decreases levels of lamictal by increasing metabolism. Also Tegretol reduces serum Lamictal concentration by 40%.

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How long until laduda begins working as lamictal takes forever...also what is its interaction w / tegretol?

Speak w/ your Dr. I am not sure what dose of Latuda (lurasidone) you are taking, but it may have to be raised if you are not experiencing a response after an adequate duration of a month or longer. Tegretol speeds up the metabolism of Lamictal and lowers its levels. You may experience more dizziness, blurry or double vision and unsteady gait with the combination. Read more...