What causes temper tantrums in kids?

See below. Temper tantrums are an immature response to anger and frustration. Children may respond this way when they have limits placed on a particular behavior.
Frustration. Temper tantrums are an "acting out" behavior - meaning that the child directly "acts out" feelings b/c he lacks the ability to say what is bothering him. If the child could explain what his feelings and conflicts are, and if a parent were available to listen and help, then the need for tantrums would be reduced. The best treatment for tantrums is help kids learn to talk about their feelings!
From ~18 mos. kids. Can respond to time-out & learn self-calming skills, if they are neurotypical. As they develop language, they can learn to use their words. Discipline = teaching. They can learn, "it's ok to be angry, but it's not okay to ...." then teach what is ok when angry, i.e., how to express it & how to deal with their feelings. Only by ignoring tantrums-t.O. Without talking -can you " make them" go away.