When does endometriosis clear up?

Yes ! Endometriosis close to the rectum may cause pain due to scarring like in this picture. This is especially try closer to your periods. Also nerve endings get hypersensitive around the disease. If advanced, the lesions may invade the rectal area ! for these reasons, it's important to make the diagnosis with laparoscopy and if possible, resection of as much disease as possible.
Many ! Pelvic pain, infertility, pain with sex and while having a bowel movements are common. With advanced disease, pain may be constant. The diagnosis is made by laparoscopy and excision of the lesions found in the pelvis.
Menopause. Endometriosis is estrogen dependent so is active in women of reproductive age. There is no cure but management is successful with no recurrence of symtpoms 70% of the time. Hrt in menopause can be done without return of symptoms if Estradiol levels are kept at approximately 70-100, much lower than midcycle Estradiol levels in reproductive aged women.
Yes ! Pelvic pain and endometriosis is difficult to pinpoint without laparoscopy. Furthermore, patients with endometriosis and pelvic pain may have pain in different abdominal locations.
Chronic Disease. Endometriosis is a chronic condition. It doesn't clear up by itself. It tends to grow slowly causing pelvic pain and infertility. First: get properly diagnosed by laparoscopy and biopsies. Robotic assisted laparoscopy helps removing endometriosis from very difficult locations. The 3d vision is superior to any other method to accomplish this treatment.