What are my chances of getting ovarian cancer? My aunt had something that spread through her abdomen but we never heard what it was before she died.

While Auntie may. Have had ovarian cancer, there are other things: pancreas, pseudomyxoma peritonei, lung or breast cancer, mesothelioma etc...But you can solve your concern about genetic risk by genetic testing for brca 2. Insurance not likely to cover.
Depends on you. People who are at increased risk for ovarian cancer are nulliparous (no pregnancy/children). Risk is lowered by pregnancy, and use of oral contraceptives. Genetic mutations, like brca-1 predispose women to both ovarian and breast cancer. Peak incidence is in the 8th decade. Your aunt might have had this, or another tumor, like endometrial, or cervical cancer, which can also spread.
Can't tell. If you are concerned about your ovarian cancer risk, you should consult with your health care provider, who can ask about your family history. It sounds like your aunt may have had ovarian cancer. If other family members had ovarian or breast cancer, your risk might be higher.