What are ways to reduce face fat without liposuction?

Diet and exercise. No specific ways to lose from a single site. Facial fat is gradually, naturally lost throughout a lifetime. As it is typically a "secondary" type fat deposit (meaning diet and exercise available), it may improve with reduction of % body fat.
Diet and excercise. Best way to remove facial fat is with diet and exercise.
Yes. Coolsculpting uses cold therapy (cryolipolysis) to cause permanent elimination of fat cells in the fatty layer below the skin. During the treatment thermoelectric cooling plates extract heat from the subcutaneous fat and ~ 25% of the fat cells go into a self-destruct mode called apoptosis and are gradually cleared by the body. A gel pad is placed on the skin to prevent the skin from freezing.
Depends. If you are talking about losing fat from a particular area, such as the neck, then liposuction and some other procedures may be appropriate. However, if you want to lose fat everywhere on your face, the only way is to lose total body fat. For the most part, however, a little fat in your face can make you look a bit younger, as long as your are not very overweight.