I have definitive red, hot spots on my face. Began on each side of my nose, spread to spots on my lip, chin, cheeks. Itchy and flaky. Subside then return in exact same spots. Can't shake them. Help?

Stress induced? Consider candida since cortisone and tolnafate would not treat this. Stress and a high carb diet fosters this yeast. Coconut oil ingested kills yeast. Eat 6 equal healthy meals including 6 servings of fresh and steamed vegetables and one apple each day. Relax and learn to manage stress skilfully. Getting at least 60 minutes of fun exercise every day has multiple health benefits.
Seborrhea. Sounds like seborrheic dermatitis, though without seeing it, it's hard to be sure. Most cases can be controlled adequately with a good over-the-counter anti-seborrhea shampoo and Hydrocortisone cream. Stubborn cases require prescription products. But it will always come back and require re-treatment, because the yeast that causes it is a normal component of your skin.