What is the chance of getting pregnant if you are on birth control & use condoms everytime you have sex and none of them have ever broken or come off?

Very very very low. The fact that you are using 2 forms of birth control means that pregnancy is very unlikely. Alone birth control prevents pregnancy 94-96% of the time. And condoms alone prevents 75% of the time. When you combine them you get very close to 99.9%. Great job, by the way!
No chance. One cannot get pregnant if they are not ovulating (being on good and effective birth control) and have no exposure to sperm (using condoms). It is impossible to get pregnant without an egg and without sperm.

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Whats the probability of getting pregnant if on birth control&the condom breaks? He pulled out immediately&it was close to the beginning of intercourse

It depends. If you are on birth control, it depends on the effectiveness of the type of birth control. Most of the oral ones or IUDs will be 95-98% effective. ANY time you have sex, you have the possibility of pregnancy; nothing is 100%. Use the condoms for STD protection and continue your birth control as well. If you are concerned, do a home pregnancy test. Read more...