High albicans, igg, iga, and igm. Serum iron and % sat high, T4 low, and folate (folic acid) low-help where do I start? Have celiac disease.

See a hematologist. If your iron level is high, you need to be bled periodically to prevent damages to your organs particularly your liver. This is a continuing process and not a one-shot deal. As for your thyroid, you need another test to confirm whether your thyroid replacement is adequate. Since natural thyroid extract is not standardized, it is hard to regulate your thyroid with it (used about 50 yrs ago).
Find good doc ;... Find a good doc, preferably holistic, to guide you-see http://bit.Ly/19pettq increase your thyroid dose (under guidance). Check thyroid antibodies. Take folate- check mthfr gene-you prob. Need l-5mthf form. Support adrenals: http://bit.Ly/16blg0r periodic blood-letting. Treat candida: http://huff.To/15mbzao also consider homeopathy ; acupuncture. Each of these things should help you feel better.