What is the best treatment for croup?

Supportive care. Mild croup is often treated with cool mist to the face, or, at home taking the child in a bathroom with steam. If moderate- to- severe, the child may require care in the doctor's office, emergency department or admission to the hospital. Standard treatments may include, among other measures, steroid medication and racemic Epinephrine to alleviate airway obstruction (swelling).
Depends on age. If you have an older child that is not having problems breathing (just has a barky cough), then steaming the bathroom is probably adequate. However, if you have a younger child, especially less than a year of age, you may want to take them to their pediatrician or to the emergency department for a steroid shot. Caution: sometimes asthma can look like croup, so seek medical advice if unsure.
If mild. Croup is usually mild illness managed at home. Help with cool m?ist, placing child near vaporizerI if you do not have a cool mist vaporizer, even a simple humidifier in child’s bedroom may be helpful. Seek ER if cool mist not clearing up stridor in 15 minutes, repeated episodes of stridor or trouble breathing child’s chest or stomach retracting, bluish lips,lethargy,drooling,neck pain,stiffness.

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What is the best treatment for croup in an 8 month old?

Croup. Home therapy using a humidifier, can treat mild to moderate croup. Regardless of treatment, symptoms usually improve gradually within 2 to 5 days. If croup is severe or has'nt responded to this medicine may be used to reduce airway swelling. These are usually given in a doctor's office or an emergency room and may include steroids and epinephrine. Read more...

What's the best treatment for croup in a 4 yr old?

Croup. Croup is a viral condition ( laryngotrachiobronchitis) which causes a barking cough - similar to a seal barking. Humidification will help with the cough. I have had success with placing the child in a humid bathroom - running the shower on hot - and then taking them into another room the change in temp helps. Keeping the child calm helps but sometimes steroids and Epinephrine are needed. Read more...
Take to doctor. Although you can place the child in a highly humidified atmosphere by firmly closing the bathroom door and turning on the very hot water to create steam, the best thing to do would be to have them seen by a pediatrician to make sure of what you are dealing with and how they would prefer to treat it. Read more...