Which ingredient is the best way fight wrinkles? Retinol, peptides, collagen, stem cells, plancenta, amino acids or vitamin C

Growth factors. We have known since the 70s that retinoids and retinols are great collagen stimulators (which equals wrinkle fighters). In this century, we developed collagen growth factors which are derived from actual human skin and are necessary for collagen to thrive, thus reducing and eliminating wrinkles. Note i did not say "appearance of wrinkles". Skinmedica is my favorite product to contain these.
Retin A (tretinoin) . Is best as it promotes fibroblasts which lay down collagen.

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Topically, Which is more beneficial for wrinkles? Vitamin C or a retinol (vitamin A?) I heard A is better for acne prone and C for collagen production

Retinoid for wrinkle. Hi MRoberts- after avoiding smoking and getting sun protection, retinoids are the most effective step for prevention of wrinkles. There is more evidence for tretinoin (a prescription) as opposed to retinol, but in any case, any retinoid will do more than vitamin C. Read more...