Pregnant, first trimester, really high blood sugar level! Please tell me effect on my baby?

Numerous. Diabetes in pregnancy has numerous effects. Aside from having large babies, they are at risk for cardiac anomalies. After the baby is born, they are at risk for low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. Complications in labor can include shoulder dystocia or "stuck shoulders" in the pubic bone. Effects on the mother are also numerous.
Need eval soon. High bs during pregancy can have numerous ill effects on the developing fetus including disruption of organogenesis (heart, bone) in addition to risk of large size baby and electrolyte derangement after birth (hypoglycemia, hypocalcemia). You will need immediate evaluation by a nutritionist and depending on your bs levels, Insulin may also be needed.
Depends on duration. Infants born to poorly controlled diabetics with long term exposure to high blood glucose levels have organ & body overgrowth and lungs that mature late.Malformations are rare but higher than average.Short term exposure & good glucose control for the rest of your pregnancy can reduce your babies risks.Do the best you can & meet with your babies dr before delivery to share your concerns.