I have bulging disc at l4/l5 (based on mri) and pain in back and left leg. What can I do to put it back, to fix it and what shouldn't do? Thank you!

Wait a few days. Oftentimes, such pain goes away on its own after several days to several weeks. Studies show that those who have surgery on average are no better off after two years than those who don't. . If its unbearable or worsening, then see a doctor. Physical therapy can help in the short term, but best to just take it easy and don't lie down more than for sleeping, as it can make it worse.
Need Physician. That is way above the ability of this simple app. You need a physician, preferably an orthopedic surgeon to evaluate your spine, the mri, and then to decide on surgery or not. I am sorry not to be able to offer more than advise to get to a back specialist to help you in real time.

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Nonspecific. Believe it or not, scoliosis does not cause pain for most patients - unless the scoliosis is very severe. Similarly, a disk bulge is often of no consequence, and is simply a normal finding as we age. See a physician (consider seeing a neurologist since you have numbness) for further evaluation. Read more...