Did deadlifts 2 months ago & had severe back pain 2 wk. Now mild chronic pain. Get sharp pain from spine across back if do deadlift, no leg pain. Other weight exercise ok. Can pulled muscle take +8 weeks to heal?

Avoid Deadlift. Usually exercises where you are flexed and having to lift heavy weights will make a disc herniations worse. Avoid bending at the waist with weights in hand and avoid twisting motions as well. Yes it can take up to 8 weeks for muscles to heal and can take up to 6months or longer for disc herniations to heal. Be careful.
Back injury. Back injuries can take weeks and possibly months to heal. Chronic pain indicate more than a pulled muscle. It is important to visit a neurosurgeon or a spine surgeon to be examined and obtain imaging studies to better define the extent of the injury.
Possible. It's is possible if you are continuing to aggravate it with other exercises that you may be doing. However, discussing with a musculoskeletal physician is still important after two months of pain.