Burning pain in ankle up to knee. Ankle injury 20 days ago. No fracture in x-ray. Arch and heel pain with sweeling on ankle with burning while walking?

Pain. Agreed - sounds like tendonitis . The nerves in the area my be injured also depending on the mechanism of injury , which we don't know. As stated , stay in close contact with your treating physician .
Tendinitis . With a side of nerve inflammation. Most likely part of the injury process and should respond with rice time and conservative care. If the talus fracture you list is recent then would definitely recommend close follow up with your doc.

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Hurt foot 41/2 weeks ago- got X-ray and negative fracture. Still hurts w/ tingling, pain in foot and ankle, pain shoots in leg, achy, can't walk on long.

Get a repeat x-ray. There may still be a fracture, especially if there is point tenderness. Of course, it is also possible there is a ligament or tendon injury but it may be hard to get your insurance company to OK an MRI. Read more...

Foot sore on top at "bend" between leg. Deep, dull pain close to ankle bone. No bruising/swelling. X-ray show no fractures. Able to walk, hop, etc?

Possibly impingement. The anterior ankle joint may become painful when the foot is excessively dorsiflexed during activity. The soft tissue or joint capsule becomes "pinched" between the tibia (leg) and the talus(foot) causing pain. X-rays will show no fracture due to only soft tissue involvement. Typically minimal swelling or bruising. Read more...