Kyphotic lordosis and 4 bulging disc seen in mri. Could this be the cause for my neck, shoulder and upper back pain? What could the pain b from?

Yes. If you have 4 bulging discs in your neck they could cause all the symptoms you just described on both sides. If it was a c4 disc bulge that can also cause all the symptoms you just described. Lastly looking at your age, i would surprised to see a lot of pathology but it is possible. If this was related to a car accident, it could also be whiplash injury as well.
Kyphosis. Normally your neck has a lordosis. Kyphosis is when the normal curve is reversed. This can put stress on the spine and lead to bulging discs. Tears in the annulus of the disc or nerve impingement can cause neck and shoulder pain. I would go to your neurosurgeon or spine surgeon to determine the cause of the pain.