Painful tingling sensation felt on my left leg and foot? Carpal tunnel?

Tarsal tunnel . There is condition in the foot and ankle that is called tarsal tunnel. It is in the inside of your ankle and foot and the pain can either shoot into your foot or up your leg. You should have someone take a look.
No. Carpal tunnel affects your hands not your legs. You may have a pinched nerve in your back but your doc can help you get the right diagnosis.
No. Carpal tunnel affects the hands and wrist. Usually the symptoms of numbness, or tingling, and or pain occur at night but can occur with activities during the day occasionally pts. Will experience retrograde symptoms of pain up the arms.

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[22, F, Don't work out] This past week I've experienced symptoms of carpal tunnel while having pain in my left foot arch & right calf. Is this normal?

Carpal tunnel. Sometimes we just get pains but check for thyroid, diabetes, magnesium calcium, potassium and B12( especially if vegan ) as all can cause muscular pains. Do you sit a lot at a desk/computer? Break every 30 to 45 minutes and stretch for a minute. Rarely could be food allergy, autoimmune, MS or other. Because of calf pain go to urgent care/ doctor today check d-dimer , insure not clot., Read more...

Please explain if it is possible to have carpal tunnel syndrome in your ankle/foot?

Not exactly, similar. While carpal tunnel, by definition, is compression of the median nerve in the wrist, there are nerve compression syndromes that also occur in the legs and feet. A neurologist can help determine what, if any, nerves are affected and how to best relieve your symptoms. Read more...