I have been diganosed with both trigeminal neralgia and occipital neuralgia. I also have some memory problems and muscle spasms. Could I have ms?

Consult Neurologist. Trgeminal neuralgia has been reported in patients with ms.You have to ask this question from your neyrologist as he/she is the only one can tell you if you do or not based on your symptoms, examination and MRI exam etc . So consult your neurologist about ms and you.
Challenging? You seem to have very complex issues, and i would certainly wonder about an underlying unitary diagnosis. Ms could cause fatigue, memory loss, and trigeminal neuralgia, but usually not occipital neuralgia. Maybe MRI of brain and spinal cord could illuminate the picture. Might also want to check for lupus, lyme disease, and even hiv. Perhaps get full evaluation at a local medical school.