My mom has coronary artery disease I think. Says she gets chest pain when I stress her?

Needs to be checked. Hard to know what to make of what your mom says - she may be trying to manipulate you. If everyday stress is giving her angina, she has a severe problem and needs further treatment so, anyway you look at it, she needs to be evaluated!
Possible. Stress can cause changes in hormone levels and increases in blood pressure/heart rate which can potentially lead to angina (chest pain).

Related Questions

Does relief of chest pain with nitroglycerin mean coronary artery disease?

No. No, it is non-specific. Chest pain from gi, gastrointestinal, conditions is also relieved with nitroglycerine at times. For example, esophageal spasm. If you are experiencing this pain, you must seek medical attention to evaluate your situation.

I have coronary artery disease. I have been having shoulder pain, blade, neck pain at rest with walking, and with chest pain. Could it be my neck?

Primary care screen. With a history of coronary artery disease and smoking, your primary care doctor needs to make sure that the symptoms are not related to your heart. If not, a physiatrist can further evaluate to deteine if there is a component related to the neck. In general, walking alone, without turning the neck, should not exacerbate neck pain.
Chest pain. It is possible the neck could contribute to what you describe. Should check with your dr. To be sure.

I smoke have chest pains been evaluated by doctors what is the likelihood that I have coronary artery disease? Trying to quit smoking any suggestions?

You're young. At your age, the risk of CAD is still very low - even though you smoke. Do you have diabetes, hypertension, family history of premature heart attacks or early death? Those would all raise your risk. Assuming average values: cholesterol 200, HDL 40, no hypertension or diabetes, your risk of CAD is 0.3% per year for the next 10 years. Please stop smoking. Only you can do it.
Determination. Your chances of having significant coronary disease at 25 is minimal. Smoking is by choice, as is stopping. The first and most successful step is to decide to stop. Everything else is window dressing. Don't buy them, you won't smoke them.

Chest pain on excercise 21male. Had ecgs, 2 echo, stress ecg, 24holter. As a doctor do you ever check for coronary artery congenital anomalies or safe?

Usually Not. Congenital coronary abnormalities such as a coronary artery coming from the pulmonary trunk instead of the aorta can result in chest pain. However a stress ekg is usually abnormal in that situation. The best test to identify congenital coronary abnormalities is a ct angiogram although I am not suggesting it is indicated in your case.
Yes. Congenital coronary anomalies could cause symptoms and can be evaluated by imaging such as ct angiography.

I'm wondering can the doctors detect coronary artery disease with an ultrasound before you get chest pain??

No. Ultrasounds can't detect coronary artery disease directly. Cardiac CTs can. Stress tests and echos/ultrasounds can look for secondary effects of blockages - such as weak heart muscle from low blood flow or damages, or ECG changes from these.

I have been having episodes of chest pain, skipping in the night, nausea, can't sleep, very fatigue. I think I have coronary artery disease I'm terrified a heart attack is imminent. How would I know?

Heartattack unlikely. As a young nonsmoking female you shouldn't but you could have other things like mitral valve prolapse. Bring these symptoms to your doctor and his trusty stethoscope.
Anxiety/ Panic disor. Unusual for 19 yrs old unless you have 'risk factors'. Possibly you may have anxiety-depression. Do check with your doctor to further evaluate you for anxiety -depression, thyroid disease, and certainly for any heart disease.
Coronary Artery.... ..Disease bad enough to produce a heart attack is not only very rare in 30 year olds, it is also highly unlikely to produce nighttime symptoms (it usually gets worse with exercise.) anxiety (panic attack) is the most likely cause of symptoms like this, although heartburn, arrhythmia, and pericarditis are also possible.
See your family doc. It sounds more gastric or. Esophageal to me. See your family doctor and have appropriate tests run. A ct scan of your coronary arteries is a non- invasive way to check your coronary arteries. Also, a GI doc can check you for gastric and esophageal causes. I would also add in sleep apnea into the differential diagnosis due to skipped beats, anxiety or depression insomnia and daytime tiredness. Good luck to you.

I am 18 and having chest tightness is it CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE?

Chest tightness. Need to know more information and you will need to be examined.
Unlikely. Unless you have the premature aging disease progeria you would not be a candidate for coronary artery disease. Most "chest tightness" at your age is related to the digestive structures that run underneath the heart or the lungs on either side. They call it heart burn for a reason. See your doc for an exam. Some TUMS may give you short term relief.