Besides helping with lack of orgasm what are other benefits of adding Buspar (buspirone) to my Lexapro 10 for my severe depression/anxiety/phobias? Pls elaborate

I have added in. Wellbutrin for sexual side effects of ssri's - but i haven't used Buspar (buspirone) for that reason. I do think that Buspar (buspirone) is an excellent medication- especially when used as an adjunct. It works well for anxiety related disorders.
Perhaps anxiety. Buspar (buspirone) came out in the 1980's and was suppose to be the "replacement" for benzodiazepines! it was very disappointing to say the least. In my experience it helped perhaps 1/3 of the time. As far as counteracting sexual se's of ssri's, about the same results. A greater concern is developing a serotonergic syndrome albeit only at high doses of both. Caution other meds working via serotonin migraine.

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On Lexapro (escitalopram) 20 4 severe depression/anxiety, just added buspirone increase by 5mg evry 3 days, on first day of 15mg and started having more anxiety, why?

Drug interaction. Taking Lexapro (escitalopram) at 20mgs daily is a standard dose. However, adding Buspirone onto that may be causing side effects. In addition, if you are drinking alcohol daily, that may very well be adding to the problem. Please discuss all of this with your treating physician, and work to decrease your alcohol intake. Read more...