Can or should I get treatment if Marfan syndrome and infertility?

It depends. If you are a man or a woman you need genetic counseling to understand the risk of genetic transmission. To avoid this risk, ivf+preimplantation genetic diagnosis is available for Marfan syndrome. If you are a man or a woman then you need to be tested for various fertility factors just like any-one who's unable to conceive for 1y. Women need cardiac evaluation esp. For aortic root dilatation.

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What treatments/medications are there for someone with Marfan syndrome?

Marfan's Syndrome. The most concerning problems with Marfan's syndrome deal with heart and aortic dilatation. Medical therapy includes medications to decrease the stress on the heart and the Aorta such as beta blockers. Many patients need to have valve replacements and Aortic root grafting. There is also a high incidence of scoliosis which may require treatment.
For the heart... From a cardiologist's perspective, we want to make sure that the aorta is not too enlarged and that the blood pressure is well controlled. Classically we use a beta blocker to reduce wear and tear on the aorta, but newer trials are ongoing to see if a class of medicines known as ACE-inhibitors are helpful for this. There are important eye and ligament things to keep track of as well.
There R many types- -of Marfan's syndrome. As far as I know only symptomatic Rx. There R a lot of things that can be effected. Heart, eyes, ligaments R the common 1's. U have to search hard to find a sub-specialist who is knowledgeable about Marfan's.

For someone with Marfan syndrome. Is there treatments that can prolong his life expectancy?

Several treatments! Yes! Children and adults with Marfan syndrome can have gradual widening of the aorta - the major artery connected to your heart. Sometimes the aorta becomes so weak that it breaks. But your cardiologist can use an ultrasound machine to watch your aorta very carefully. She can treat you with medicines to slow down the enlargement, and your chest surgeon can even replace your aorta if necessary.
Yes. While there is no specific rx for this genetic connective tissue disorder, life is prolonged by treating it's complications. This reminds me of my patient I operated on for acute dissection of ascending aorta 26 years ago and 10 years later for enlarging abdominal aortic aneurysm. He is still alive today and I see him annually for check up.

I think I have Marfan syndrome, but I'm not sure if I want to go get checked. Will it affect insurance?

Unknown. The new health care law says that insurers cannot deny insurance for "preexisting conditions". So if this health care law stays in place it will not be a problem. No matter what, if you may have marfan's you need to have it confirmed, and if positive see a cardiologist. With good care, pts with marfan's can have normal lifespan. Without care they can have cardiac problems.
Maybe. It won't affect health insurance under the new health care act in us, but it could impact the cost of life or disability insurance. It is still better to get it checked because of the treatable problems associated with marfan's. Check with your insurance broker about the latter two issues.

How does a baby get tested for Marfan syndrome?

See a geneticist. There are many options for genetic testing for Marfan syndrome, but for a baby the best answer comes not from tests but from a careful history, family history, and physical examination. Sifting through the information and making sense of it in light of the new diagnostic guidelines (the 2010 ghent criteria) may show you that testing makes sense - or maybe not. Your clinical geneticist can help.

Is Marfan syndrome dangerous? Any possible medication to get rid of the possible health problems?

Potentially yes. Marfan syndrome is a disorder of the connective tissues which strengthen the body--medically, it affects the skeletal (weaker tissues, joints, flatfeet etc), cardiovascular (dilated aortic root, valve trouble etc.), eye (cataract/lense dislocation), and skin systems. Most dangerous is involvement in the heart as above. Unfortunately, no specific medication available. Consult doc. Good luck.

Please explain if it is possible to only have the physical conditions of Marfan syndrome and if so how can I get rid of it?

In your genes. Marfan syndrome is caused by a mutation in in the gene that codes for fibrillin-1. You cannot change your genes. Abnormal or deficient fibrillin production affects the structure of your eyes, heart, blood vessels, and bones and ligaments. The severity of effects in different individuals is highly variable.