I'm 5'8 weighing 308lbs what is the safest & fastest way for me to lose weight?

Eat less ; exercise. The key to losing weight is not a temporary diet but permanent changes. Sugars ; simple carbs from grains esp. Cause weight gain. Also avoid fried foods. I like dr. Furhman's diet: http://bit.Ly/1dhw9ht dr. Weil has useful info: http://huff.To/19ygs8y- see his "discuss that" link in his article. Exercise is also important! it's best to choose organic foods:http://bit.Ly/19x see comment:.
Common Sense. 6 small "meals" instead of 2-3 big ones. Use salad plates, not dinner plates to help portion control. 2 books: "8 minutes in the morning" ; "the 3 hour diet"-can get cheap used on amazon.Com. Drink enough water to pee clear during the day--only way to get fat off, is to pee it off.Do a food diary or get a fitbit to help you track food and how much exercise you do.3500 calorie deficit= 1 lb loss.